Multi-Max Engg Works

Multi-Max Engineering Works is a 35 year old ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 company specializing in the design and supply of Process Equipments for the Process Industry. Our product range includes Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Piping Spools, Skids, Dearerators, Steam Coil Air PreHeaters, Chillers, Reboilers and Condensers.

Our Mission is "Providing Engineering Solutions" and with that focus we strive to not only satisfy the customer's needs but to delight the customer. Tribute to this focus, 80% of our business comes from repeat customers. 

Our key differentators are design Delivery and Deep Expertise.
Our Design expertise is rooted in our inhouse capability to do complete process design of Filters, Strainers, Pig Traps and Exchangers. We have collaborations within India and abraod for design and engineering.

Delivery is a key pillar of the company's strength. Our confidence in delivery stems from our deep relations with our Suppliers to prioritize our requirements and from our primavera based management of Project Planing. 

Our Deep Expertise come from our people which comprises of a top management of ex-IIT and ex-IIM graduates who are backed by Production, Quality and Design teams composed of engineers with total combined experience of 200 years and more than 1000 equipment hydrotests.

The company has a world class high tech fabrications facility with ASME 'U' stamp certification located at Partapur, Meerut on Delhi-Meerut Highway 50 km east of Delhi. Our branch offices are in Delhi and Mumbai.

Our Quality

Our Quality Systems are accredited by both the ASME's Certificate of Authorization for application of Code Symbol ...

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Design & Engineering

Multi-Max uses all the latest design software tools such as to do process design of its products...

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Multi-Max is conscious of the environment that our people work in. We care for our worker's health and their safety...

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Our Clients: